BEMER applications boost the blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity.
Imagine being better tomorrow than you are today.


The circulation of our blood is the engine that keeps us going.
Order Bemer and be better today!

Improve your life in 16 minutes.
Order Bemer and be better today!

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PARC Cardio Screening Device

How would you like to see a 3D Image of your Heart and know of its dynamics and condition?
Now it's possible using this Ground-Breaking Technology.


Athletes are dying every year from sudden cardiac arrest. Young and old from football to cricket. In every sporting discipline today, this is becoming evident. We can do something about it. We can screen all our athletes for heart disease.

Parc Diagnostics LTD is offering group Parc Cardio Screening of all athletes at discounted rates and on location of teams at practice grounds and match sites. Using state of the art technology we can test all athletes with minimum inconvenience and assess immediately their risk. In doing so, we can save lives and prevent our clubs and organizations from being exposed to lawsuits.


  • It does not require the athlete to lie down therefore no private bed space is required.
  • The athlete does not have to undress as we only use four limb leads.
  • The test is fast and completed in three minutes from start to finish.
  • An immediate conclusion is given consistent with established protocol for athletes.
  • Athletes can be saved from sudden cardiac arrests by testing even before matches.
  • The team doctor can access the reports remotely via the internet and make the decision to allow the athlete to play or pull him or her from the team for further evaluation by a cardiologist.


Please take advantage of this opportunity never before available in this region and at a price that is a fraction of the cost of having a cardiologist screen every athlete.

Death in Football


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PARC Cardio Screening Device


Download PPT Version.

US Gym Facilities

Testing members for Cardiac Load


US Gym Facilities

Testing members for Cardiac Load


US Gym Facilities

Testing members for Cardiac Load


PARC Cardio Tests



PARC Cardio Tests



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How would you like to see your full body condition?
Now it's possible using this Breakthrough Technology.


PARC Electrometry Measurement Diagnostic (PARCEMD) is a new technology designed to measure the skin resistance at representative points. It allows testing (non-invasively) and assessing health information. It also allows you to identify illness and lets you prevent them from being worse.


  • Voltage supply = 3V (2 AAA batteries)
  • Voltage output interelectrode no more than 5V
  • Maximum short circuit current between the electrodes bolee35 mkA
  • Range of measurement of not less than 199 conventional edenits
  • The device works independently or with a computer, for these purposes, it is equipped with an internal memory interface and USB for PC connection
  • Data display happens on the screen of the device by writing data in the memory, computer memory and then reading them


By measuring electrical resistance of the skin at the different points in the nervous system, we can accurately determine the state of organs in the body (like Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lungs, Reproductive and Urinary Organs, Spine, and Stomach. The Parc EMD compare results to empirical data collected from millions of patients to accurately determine current and past problems, as well as determine future diseases.

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PARC Health Solutions

Stay healthy with our Supplements and Energy Jewelry.
Get Health Tips too.

Health Supplements

IMPROVE G.I. (Gastrointestinal) TRACT HEALTH AND FUNCTION WITH G.I. SUPREME . G.I. Supreme is the most advanced all in 1 formula available today for optimal gastro intestinal health. Provides therapeutic levels of L-Glutamine, Arabinogalactans, DMG, Aloe, DGL, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow and Zinc Carnosine. It has been designed to support gut health, soothe the digestive tract lining, promote regularity, microbial balance and support proper immune function. Read more...
FIGHT BACTERIAL, VIRAL, AND PARASITIC INFECTIONS WITH ALKOXYROL SHARK LIVER OIL. It is a genuine Shark Liver Oil product sourced from sharks fished in the cold deep sea waters outside of Norway. Cold water deep sea sharks are a major natural source of alkylglycerols (the oil contains 50% alkylglycerols). Alkoxyrol is specially formulated to take out all impurities as well as excess vitamins. Read more...
REDUCE CHOLESTEROL WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS WITH CHOLESTEROL BUSTER. It is enriched with Acai Berry reduces your risk of heart attack, high blood pressure and impotence. It is an all natural antioxidant that lowers your cholesterol without the side effects of conventional medication. Improve circulation. Results in 30 to 60 days. Read more...

Check our other natural alternatives: Health & Treatment, Cholesterol & Weight Control, Performance Enhancers, and Detox, Anti-oxidants, & Cleansing.

Energy Jewelry

QUANTUM SCIENCE SCALAR ENERGY PENDANT is created from lava based particles re-combined using Nano-fusion technology into a compound. The 76 minerals in the lava help promote instant strength, improve flexibility, better balance, protection from EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and energize water. It is important to note that the energy that these products have can last for a minimum of 50 years! Scalar Energy’s expansive and circular movement offers a field of protective shield around the body. This protective shield removes and cancels the effects of man-made frequencies (60 HZ) on the human body. This is achieved by enhancing the body’s natural defenses against the damaging radiations coming from the various household and industrial appliances that surround us.
The brain has its own vibrations. The human brain uses these vibrations to communicate within itself and with the rest of the body. There are 4 classifications of brainwaves – Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Scalar Energy is able to promote Alpha wave frequency in the brain. The brain then resonates at the same vibration as the earth’s energy field and is able to amplify these vibrations. If this frequency is transmitted throughout the body, this could assist the cells in the body achieve a particular resonance, which is essential to optimum health. Scalar energy also promotes a mind that is relaxed, more coherent, focused and sharp with improved clarity.

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PARC Wellness Centres


Change the Way People Live. Through alternative methods of non-invasive diagnosing of diseases that show trends before clinical symptoms develop and through alternative methods of fighting disease by making lifestyle changes and using natural methods that nature has provided.

DO YOU KNOW HOW HEALTHY YOU ARE? Probably most of us have NO for an answer. Let us take an analysis. First, find out why most of us does not seem to afford monitoring our health. Also, discover how we could actually know how healthy we are at a ridiculously low cost and how we could have a BIG YES as an answer to the question above. Here they are:

1. Factors and Effects
For non-medical persons, the factors that are considered why we cannot afford to monitor our health are cost and time. Taking multiple medical tests will result to much expensive fees and will consume our time. Since most of us are busy at work, we have no time to do tests that require number of days before we could actually get the conclusions or analysis.
On the other hand, medical professionals would exert much effort and several processes testing one people and will require them more time reading one result. Hence, they could not accomodate more patients in a day.
2. Solutions
PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. To achieve this, PARC Diagnostics LTD came up with an idea to put up an all-in-one health solutions - the PARC WELLNESS CENTRES.

PARC Cardio Screening Device determines Heart Disease

50 times Sooner

PARC EMD discovers the State of Organs in the Body

In 10 minutes

Bemer improves Blood Circulation

In 16 minutes

PARC Health Solutions can Prevent and Help Treat Illness

Via our Supplements

PARC Wellness Centres gives Wellness at its Best

For you to be 100% Healthy

Recent Event:
7th Annual Carribean Conference on Sport Sciences with Theme: "Physical Activity & Health: Moving From Prescription to Prevention"

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PARC Wellness Centres Team


PARC Wellness Centres Team

Desmond Samuels

South Florida Owner/Operator and Sales Representative for Jamaica

More than 20 years of experience in Marketing in both Jamaica and South Florida.

Objective: To introduce the PARCEMD and PARC Cardio Screening to Doctors and Health Practitioners and Athletic Organizations.

PARC Wellness Centres Team

Jayson Jones

Florida Athletic Director

Two-time Olympian, Financial Consultant, Real Estate Investor.

Objective: To introduce PARC Cardio Screening to young athletes in high school and college sporting disciplines.

PARC Wellness Centres Team

Lisa Mckenzie

Communications and Business Director

An International Banker for 32 years. And extensive experience in the Hospitality and Entertainment Industry.

Objective: Public relations and new business initiatives exposing the population to the services being offered by PARC Wellness Centres. 

PARC Wellness Centres Team

Joey C. Manansala Jr.

Asia Operations Director

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, College IT Instructor, Coach/Expert IT in International Skills Competitions, Head of IT Department and handles Technical Support Team for PARC Wellness Centres, Founder of SHIFT101 | Let’s do IT!.

Objective: To establish and promote the services of PARC Wellness Centres in the Philippines and other Asian Territories.

PARC Wellness Centres Team

Monica D. Green

North American Operations Director

Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Marketing, Master’s Degree in Business Administration, CEO and Founder of H2 Healthy Hair Academy and Salon, Visionary and Founder/Executive Producer of Hair Oscars Awards.

Objective: To establish and promote the services of PARC Wellness Centres in the North American Market.

PARC Wellness Centres Team

Richard C. Charles

President and CEO

Over 25 years of experience in natural health solutions and supplement formulation, With Finance and Accounting Background, Founder of the PARC Wellness Centres, Co-Developer of PARC Wellness Centres devices and supplements composed of PARC Cardio, PARC EMD, and PARC Health Supplements.

Objective: To change the way people live by establishing PARC Wellness Centres franchises worldwide and empower people to become healthier and financially independent.






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